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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  October 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the indians making final preparations, hosting the biggest party on the biggest stages inside and outside of progressive field. as they make ready to be part o writing history in the city of champions. that is what we should be, confident after this year that we have had. to celebrations, simultaneously, almost merging into one.e. you are a lifelong fan, you kind of knew that this would
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indians had that 14 game winnin streak,k, that you know that th was going to happen? >> we just need to enjoy it, up, it is so rare that any sport city anywhere as the opportunit to do what we are going to do tomorrow. is a great time to be a fan but what about the players tomorrow is the most important game of their careers.. p.j. ziegler joins us from progressive field is what they had to say about this championship momentey. and opportunity of a lifetime for the indians, some have neve been on this big stagege and circuit in the first page, wher on. there is a lot of media here, they're getting a true
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jason kipnis, is a chicago native, who now plays for the indians werere he had an injury during the tribe celebration in trenton, he will be running the bases at progressive fieldbe wh they take the field for practice. offset the swelling will go down, but he will be ready tomorrowow as the stadium is filled with people, nose out serves it is you never know whe you have a chance to come back this t stage so he will be ready. is asked about his injured ankl today. i did. was getting too much of a spotlight so he can handle it was a freak accident, just rolled on it, the doctors here
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hopefully will be good to go tomorrow night.. i know rick fogg, wild thing, throwing out first pitch, make reference to the movie major league, the indians would keep it in house withul two former indians, who used to play for the indians in the world series that would be kenny lofton and carlos baerga. will throw out the first pitch and carlos bell yank it will throw out the first pitch for game two building the buys will be
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guide to investigating how much you will pay for parking.. world series and the cavaliers over, as ed gallek it with what >> parking rates will skyrocket and spots baby hard to find. save you the trouble of looking for a parking spot into final chicken of florida, the top rate likely to be across th street from the ballpark,y is
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be charged.. >> at least $50. >> would it surprise if i told you it would probably be $ >> i would not be surprised. >> this parking lot at night an carnegie expected to charge $80, so we went online to party public and found the square garage advertising $30 with reservations, so we went t ask, is this for realw? >> would you honor $30? >> y >> you could probably do better than 30 bucks back. >> but a lot of it to come to have fun . >> several more blocks away on rockwell, the price will be $20 a longer walk to the games, but there alsome piling up reservations. >> if you have a reservation, you're guaranteed a spot we don't know.. parking lot operators say
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surface specially at parking lots. the cracks in and around parking lots posing as attendance to collect money from people in a hurry, and too much of a hurry to make sure that th given money to the right guys. the worst part of parking tuesday may not be the cost is simply to find a empty spot, national tv crews are taken up lots of space, the city is restricting street parking, even down to workers are sweating it. >> objectifies the rapid. some price for parking in chicago atat $300, the copy tha manages a number of parking lot radicular range between $70-$20 billion on how far you have to
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door has extended hours until 7:00 p.m. to handle the fans. >> many would love to get their hands on one of the fewa remaining tickets, the jack she takes a look at the skyrocketin prices with reactionhe. is a chance to witness history as the indians and the
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and their world series drought, has people shop around for tickets.s. >> world series means everythin we went to the series back in 9 and 97t so we will probably pay as much as $5 a ticket, that's as high as we will go. >> over here, on the on deck circle in the front row of the over $8,000 per ticket. ticket broker say there are a limited number of tickets for there indians home games at the influence of cub fans on prices are making them unaffordable fo many. o >> at $200 it's going to put yo right where that picture is dow the right-field line the tenth row. >> i think it is crazy and i think that it's a game for familiest and especially in the area, the family for to go to a
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think that is possible. >> feel sorry for those that go to all of the games and then can't afford to go to the series.lo >> you think that the sticker prices are expensive, see what cubs fans will pay in chicago. >> is about $3,000 just to get standing room in wrigley field. >> i seen some at the dugout fo $35,000. what is perhaps most disturbing is the large number of chicago fans who will pay th unprecedented prices for seats. about halfway between third and the left field will be over $1,800. it's tough, i have gone to games for seven years and walk up to buy them at the gate and you cannot do that which is great for the team but tough on the average fana ic a lot of av
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>> behind home plate, is over 2,000 per ticket. >> i think it is kind of ridiculousus, it really hurts t average fan. i don't like that but it is what it is.. >> jack shea fox 8 news. >> what about those away games? we can all go to chicago, the indians have you covered as jj continues the team coverage from outside progressive field weather watch parties will be taking place. tickets for the world series bowl a game watch party's right here at progressive field. they went on sale this morning m despite some online glitches, there are still some available toom any matter what the weathe is onny game day the show will
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games three or four, the indians have you covered. >> excited to bring the watch party to progressive field. >> indians assistant director o quioccasin joel hammond says th gates at progressive field will often around 7:00 p.m. with th first pitch at 8:00 p.m., the tickets are sold exclusively at indians .com with two options, $5 general admission and the $24 lounge option with food include there is a four ticket limit pe order. have our strikers and mascots to fire up the crowd, you will watchoo the fox broadcast in hd our 30,000 square foot scoreboard concession stands will be open, but try to buy got a earlier todayn little hairy, just after they were available for purchase was a glitch of the website, you tr
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those fees were calculated to be over $200, those who were overcharged will it will full refund. be first come first serve, those excited to witness history. by dollars 23, she down here to experience what i did in the '90sn is going to be fantastic. >> is so awesome to be in cleveland.. everything is grea. >> i want to watch the game fro home where it's going to be warm. >> pro saints from watch party ticket sales will go to mlb charities and indians charities game five tickets are not yet available. the indians related to see what will happen, they are hoping fo
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world series against tomorrow and fox 8 is your official worl series station , we are pleased to have former tribe manager mike hargrove and tony rizzo to join the fox 8 news team during the world series coverage, beginning at 4:00 p.m. and take your right up until first pitch
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the indians are practicing for game on on the world seriese there is plenty of free stuff, thanks to lebron james
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raisete their chamber joe banne and gave one of the world serie would be free ice cream, andga blue bunny ice cream, that king james asked for an ice cream truck, and free ice cream is common, one purl. >> chile, is offering tomorrow between four until ten, to buy one get one free limberios, balls, salads and tacos you had to wear your baseball gear and it is for an restaurant orders only. now we need the weather to cooperate and sounds like it might.he t
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side in tomorrow the same,tl at first pitch it will be around mid 40s. if you take advantage of that free ice crea you may want to have some hand warmers. sunset about 6:32 p.m., forecast for a games 12 at progressive, tomorrow chill in the 40s and dry. is southeast winds on wednesday the chance of a shower with a performance to near 50. could we do some hit or miss stray showers, hope that it goe far enough away our that they
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today a high of 59 and then have been in the low 50s mirrored all day5the the model h her sunset at 6:32 p.m.m. coulier came behind the cold front dots were filled thereafter.
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the session is the storm belt under mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow are in for clouds and sunshine stuff high pressure in control for the nex 24 hours is the front slows down it would be dry wednesday. tonight partly cloudy tomorrow near 50. chance of rainfall early thursday, looking dry for
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here at progressive field, take a look at the indians, getting ready for game number one of th world series versusg chicago cubs. the situation with danny salazar. and otherss in the pitching staff, he will be available and could possibly go 65 pitches as a starter or reliever, trevor bauer well be available, his finger is to determine if h will be a shame two our a-game three starter and ryan merritt, will be on the roster, udo says barring a drone accident, their sat. through three innings. is not the easiest to reach your best velocity but he was doing
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talk about using three starters at a third game we would see where w are.a we have ryan merritt, danny salazar,, the other with pitiful game. between those tw especially with danny salazar, you have maybe an all-star team that we could pitch whatever we want. >> there are some options. talk about the starting pitcher corey kluber. has had an outstanding year he has oner one championship. see what the situation is with corey kluber versus chicago cubs, 2015 he gave a home run t chris bryant. so how about the cubs graduate what is he saying about how wel corey kluber pitches and you go
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>> will help a little bit belle of the ball doestt i try to convey that to the guys what it looks like at the platet you can watch a video that when you experienc it is different.t. sometimes i is like a wiffle ball way that it moves you got to know, it's not going to look the same, his has a little bit extra. one of the sidelines of game on is the availability of jason kipnis. postseason game five in toronto he is getting ground balls seems to be moving quite well in this to say as a chicago native abou facing the chicago cubs. not really losers there a pretty good ballclub and their strong defense, offense, there' a reason why they're still
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the very talented but we love the way that we play right now in this group. p >> keep it right here because w are the home of the 2,016th world series. we will have pregame programmin throughout the day on our newscasts with a special show a seven until 730 look for to bring you extra coverage as the take all the cubs series. cavaliers opened the season at the q. jones made some key plays in one of those final games and. the cavaliers start off season
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world series, the only thing that would make a better student at a third word is champions, the indians have a tough task as p.j. ziegler joins us from progressive field. >> it's hard to imagine, that last week thees looked like the losing trevor bauer and no dann salazar, then ryan merritt make a record of start and then act with six days between the games they have gotten some pitching held back after being out, dann salazar is ready, he did make the indians world series roster as did ryan merritt,t, salazar the less six weeks of the seaso
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so that he could pitch 65-70 pitches in a game. >> without they decide to use him as a starter or reliever, had to wait to see, they say he is kind of a wildcard, he talke about what it took to get back. >> just maybe one day go light and then the next day a little morex. and with way that andrew miller has been pitching, and all they need to do iser to get to the bullpen. give them a chance to give the edge and if andrew miller can close out the deal with cody allen,n, danny salazar and ryan merritt both make the roster. cody anderson did not make the roster as a result of danny
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being placed on it, we do know that corey kluber will pitch in game one, josh tomlin in trevor bauer in two and three,n and came, 45, 67 will b tva for the indians should be called the gentle giant is gentle and a giant. >> and nothing gentle against the indians. the party beginning before kim day the heather prater gala at the rock 'n roll hall of fam is where we find melissa reid with the preview. it is to start in less than one hour. people are walking the red
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to go inside this is a who's wh cleveland and exiled mlb executives and front office indian staff as well as vips an some notables including as well some fun facts i have managed t clean out of people work on there will be a cover band and dj. will be lots of champagne. as they celebrate appearance of the world series. about 2,000 people invited to this private vip, invite only event. can say. they have set up some stations. one of them is an champagne at t that fully. had not been able to get my
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somebody's plus one but there i still some time left >> i thoughtht should be in the already trick in a cocktail, wh do you think we've got the b-team tonight? >> that's why i am outside in the cold, people are just literally arriving within the last five minutes, so i have no been unleashed on them just yeto thank you melissa reid, one place that you need to be tomorrow, in what is arguably the best day in the history of cleveland sports t with all day coverage of the cavaliers and the tribe started with fox 8 news in the morning from progressive field and the q., stay with us through the indians and cubs in game one of the world series, as we rally together, on fox 8. transport van went before a
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changing a tire on the side of i-480, clark justen pled not guilty to charges of aggravated vehicular homicide cular homicide with the exit happened this month, tanisha matthews died while asia matthews was injured, he will b in court this week.. today, a guilty plea from the 21-year-oldd accused of robbing a parma sunoco calendar owner, cuyahoga county grandeur indicting ar logan sinclair for murder and robbery, the death o robert sposit, you probably pearl road gas station november exchanged gunshots, who died at the same. a couple of officers arrested the mother of three young children of but then they took an extraordinary step to make a difference in the boys lives as peggy gallek shows us. clear the police cruiser and city pickup truck,, film of
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diapers and children's clothing this was no ordinary call, on monday the officers, took what they needed to handle the job. >> to make some little ones smile, just a few weeks ago, they rescued these two toddlers , after responding to a call abou possible child neglect at home off of is 108. are you walk into the house, and got really upset they said that the children were malnourished. y >> the boy's mother, daniel moore, was arrested and now facing to felony charges of child endangering. you could tell that they had
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they were malnourished, and they did not speak at all for saying anything. >> there were put with her grandmother, but they said they wanted to do more so they asked fellow officers for donations and they came through, even donating givesug for the boys o brother. where we has free time, we are in this area, and we stoppe by to see how they're doing. to let them sit in the police car, their older brother says h wants to be a police officer. the boy's grandmother says she has started by the outpouring of support. >> they went above and beyond, what anyone would expect. >> the generosity is overwhelming, their sincerity
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>> we send some bad days and good days today a good day. >> peggy gallek fox 8 news. joe biden was in town today to talk about ending cancer united states. >> spoke at the clinic medical some of speaking one-on-one wit kristi capel about the cancer moonshot as well as his frustration with donald trump. >> i spent my entire career fightingen violence against womn has been the cause of my life this guy to say because he is he has money, that he has a right to grope women, that is the ultimate abuse of power. talk about the role the government place in initiating this moonshot initiative. >> we have played a big role have streamlinede the effort, make sure that there is about 1 new changes made , up to now
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wheret there is a clinical tria in your area, to be able to get into that trial, we got the white house,h the brilliant young folks from silicon valley to se up a website and were doing an awful lot of collaboration there are two other cancers we need to have everyone cooperate, and needs to bebe a juice bar that' what's happening it is about th urgency ofth now and change in culture as to how we go about finding the breakthrough how do you convince pharmaceuticalou companies to pursue a cure rather than a treatment because ultimately they can affect the bottom line but imagine that company that found a cure, they would become gazillionaire's overnight, ther were over 60 million people a year,,he and the world getting cancer and a large percentage o people dyinghe . and so we've got to get them to
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veryryt significant breakthroug drugs more affordable . vice president biden says a growing number of institutionsn and organizations are sharing
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less that the chicago cubs, arrived at hopkins airport andt
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as both teams and progressives like there's only one thing lef to do and that is to play ball. >> if not a big sports fan, you probably heard about thehe chic cubs curse in 1945 a local tavern ownerer bought two ticke to see the world series, one fo him and one for his goat but he was asked to leave again for because the goat wast bothering fans that on the way rt said, their comes a ego when no more, the cubs lost a the 45 world series never made it back since then because ofthd the billy th goat. so go to your fox 8 facebook page, makes a picture of the goat or facebook profile, we know a thing or two about curses make sure that theth cub
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cubs fans, millercoors be with you. he told us that the name was actuallyhe murphy. today we had the 10 degrees at 1:00 a.m. consistently been in the low 50s. with lots of clouds today, to the west and sunshine .
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'40s, then on wednesday, it will be near 15, with the wind between ten and 15 mph and a chance of rain drops wednesday, hope that it will hold off until after the game, about a third percent chance.ldil currently, and akron-canton 50 degrees we have partly sunny with northwest winds still active but not as blustery. currently 53 degrees chicago. paducah and probably low 70s the cool air, for trading
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water temperature, 60s. and tomorrow, cool conditions and partly cloudy. that's thanks to the high pressure we had to watch this timing of the warm front wednesday fears it will be mostly cloudy chance of a few showers. if you are lucky enough to have game two tickets i don't think you will be worried a few tomorrow, it will be a lot like today, around 50 degrees, lots of sunshine.
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and then a much better chance of rainfall , wednesday night into thursday morningg with the front. then some spotty showers remainingnt thursday night, friday it appears we will be in the mid- 50s and drive for high school football on saturdayan rainfall early and then be close to 60 than 50 on sunday, halloween, most trick or treat times on monday will be more like in the upper 40s and trick or treat time.
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be in cleveland for the world series,v see what happens when the kid gets a chance to ask th
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lariat boy is seeing the action. >> he is the official kid reporter
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he has been teaching for more than a decade. 's classroom is filled with his first love. >> and a smile that keeps getting bigger thanks to his son parker won the opportunity of a lifetime >> i was shaken and try not to ccy and thinking that god to call his dad. at the world series and talk to the indians .t just blows my mind >> this video helped him to be out the other area kids in the youth baseball contest the prize
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this is about more than just baseball, this model has been building for three generations. at the open-door christian school, this field is named after parker's grandfather. >> by grandfather was formed last time the world the indians won the world series in 1948. i was going to give the ticket because i knew he would enjoy it.nge baseball, that we would have three generations at the world series to celebrate how awesome cleveland is this year. this picture says it best. maia belay fox 8 news.
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preparations underway for the baseball's biggest stage >> progressive field is ready , to create media from all over the world as dave nethers joins us.c on the eve of the world series,s, it is an amazing day here, if you think you're dreaming, pinch yourself becaus it is about to get real as the crews inside were painting


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